Monday, September 24, 2012

Why is it necessary to get serious in life???

There comes a time in our life when we start thinking about our life, our future. A time comes when we have to decide, when we have to make a choice and the whole life will depend upon the choice that we make today. Probably we will make it through, probably we won’t. No one knows what's there on our cards; no one knows what will happen tomorrow. People live their whole life with this notion in their head that if we fail today then we can never succeed in our life. But this is just our misconception, the truth is doesn’t matter how many times we fall we have every chance to get up the very next moment. A week before, I was enjoying my Industrial Tour in Kerala; I never thought that today I will be thinking about my future with so many deeply engrossed thoughts circulating into my head. But here I am totally clueless what I will be two years from now on… And when you are in third year engineering there are only two thoughts circulating in your head the whole day - whether I will get placed in some reputed company or I will screw it up big time.

Now you must be thinking that why I am talking about so serious stuff all of a sudden. A guy who always write about love, friendship relationships today all of a sudden how he is talking about stuffs like studies, future and placements…

It so happened that few days ago TCS came to our college for its recruitment, (I hope everyone knows what TCS is, for people who don’t know, please Google it) and only 858 students got selected which is way too low compared with the last year placements. This year the target was to recruit 1500 students by TCS but unfortunately this didn’t happen. This was the not the only thing, another mass recruiter of our college Accenture had some issues with our college and they are not sure whether they will be recruiting this year from our college or not. Till last year when we were not even bothered about all these things then things were going way too smoothly, our college was showing great results in campus placements. And when our time was just at a distance of a year then only things had to become worse.

Now I can say that life is unpredictable which has been my favorite quote since past four years…

Today I wish I was still a kid. Why I grew up so fast? Things were so good when we were kid. Wish I could go back to that time even if it is for few seconds; I would like to relive all those moments again before facing the rationality that this life shows…

Today I realize the fact that how much efforts and sacrifices our parents had made so far. How they handle the pressure and stress that this life gives us so easily, without even having any frown on their face, they never made us realize the pain that they were going through while fulfilling our small small desires. One year down the line, even my life will start changing into something like that, I will have to think about so many things that actually I never cared about so far.

I ask god today, can’t he give me few more years of fun, few more years of life without worries. But I know now it’s too late and doesn’t matter how hard I pray nothing could happen now…

I hope, I wish, I pray that somehow I get the strength to handle this pressure. And if I fall then give me the strength to get up the very next instance…

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Really it is Unpredictable...

I was at the Landmark store, viewing some novel when my eyes got stuck to a book. The cover page was really fascinating and it attracted me towards it as if it had some magical powers. I took the book, flipped it around and started reading the summary of the book. It’s been quite some while and I was almost done reading the summary of the book when I saw someone standing beside me and staring at me blankly.

“Are you going to buy this book or what?” said the man

I turned towards him, he was a man in his late forties I guess and he looked older to his age.

“Well I am planning to.” I said

“Buy it. You will never regret.” He said and left

I opened the book and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The author was the same old man who was standing by my side a while before. I took the book, went to the counter and paid its price. I went to the cafeteria, only to find him sipping coffee.

“May i?” I asked him

“Yes sure.” He said

I took the seat opposite to his, kept the book on the table and said,

“Sorry, I didn’t recognize you then.”

“Not an issue, nobody does.” He said

“So what is this book about?” I asked him

“I want you to find it by yourself.” He said

“Still, anything worth telling?” I probed him

“It’s about those things that people don’t care about these days, but when land up themselves in a deep shit then they regret about it later. It’s my experience.” He said rudely

There was an eerie silence for a while, which he broke after sometime

“What do you aspire to become?”

“A writer”

“And what are you doing for it?”

“Nothing. I am pursuing my engineering, writing articles for a website and newspaper, and I dream all day that someday I will become a writer.” I said

“See that’s what happens in life. You hardly become what you aspire to. Even I wanted to become a writer in all my life. But all my life I did everything, except this writing part. But when my life was in a deep shit then I realized what a blunder I have done. Take my advice, do what you really want to do in life not what others want you to become. Or else later on you will regret as how I am regretting.” He said

“If you don’t mind, will you tell me how it started for you? What happened with you?” I asked him

He didn’t say anything, just got up from his seat and looked outside from the window. I realized he didn’t want to share with me so I took the book and was about to leave when my ears heard something.

“When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” He asked me to sit and then continued with his story.

“I believe this with all my heart. However the act of living one’s own destiny includes a series act of stages that are far beyond our understanding, whose objective is always to take us back to the path of our personal legend or to make us learn the lessons necessary to fulfill our own destiny. I think I can better illustrate what I am saying by relating an episode in my life. On august 12, 2007, I went to sleep with a single certainty: at the age of forty I was successfully making my way to the top of my career as a recording executive. I was working as artistic director and I had just been invited to the United States to talk to the owners of the company, who would surely provide me with every opportunity to achieve all that I desired to do in my area. Of course my great dream to be a writer- had been set aside but what did that matter? Afterall, real life was very different from what I had imagined; there was no way to earn a living from literature. That night I made a decision : to abandon my dream. One had to adapt to circumstances and take advantage of opportunities. If my heart protested, I could deceive it by composing song lyrics whenever I wanted and by doing some writing now and then for some newspaper. Besides, I was convinced that my life had taken a different path, but one no less exciting: a brilliant future awaited me in the world of music internationals. When I woke up I received a phone call from the president of the company: I had just been fired, without further explanation. Although I knocked on various doors in the next two years, I never found a position again in that field. When I finished writing my first book, I recalled that episode- and other manifestations of the unavoidable in my life. Whenever I thought myself the absolute master of a situation, something would happen to cast me down. I asked myself: why? Can it be that I am condemned to always come close but never reach the finish line? Can god be so cruel that they would let me see the palm trees on the horizon only to have me die of thirst in the desert? It took a long time to understand that it wasn’t quite like that. There are things that are brought into our lives to lead us back to the true path of our personal legend. Other things arise so we can apply all that we have learned. And finally some things come along to teach us. In my book, I tried to show that these teachings need not be linked to pain and suffering; discipline and attentiveness alone are enough. Although this understanding has become an important blessing in my life, it still did not equip me to transit certain difficult moments that I experienced, even with total discipline & attentiveness. One example in the case I have cited; I was a serious professional made every effort to give the best there in me, and had ideas that even today I consider worthwhile. But the unavoidable happened, at the very moment when I felt most secure & confident. I believe I am not alone in this experience; the unavoidable has touched the life of every human being on the face of the earth. Some have rebounded, others have given up- but all of us have felt the wings of tragedy brushing against us.”

When I returned home, I couldn’t sleep that night. Well whatever he said, that was the bitter truth of life that we hardly care about. Life is unpredictable, and truly we can’t stop the unavoidable to happen in our life. And when it happens we start cursing our fate for it. We don’t realize that it’s the consequence of our deeds in our life.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'/\/\ Co/\/\i/\/g B@cK sOo/\/...!!

Like a wandering viewfinder I am out and trying to figure out what I am gonna do actually in my life. My past five attempts to write a novel had gone in vain. Every time I reach close to it and then BOOOOMMMM!!!

In one shot I always come crashing down to earth. But this is the sixth time I am standing yet again on my feet and this time I want to make my each and every effort count in order to complete the story that was left incomplete…

Maybe god wants me first to learn how to walk on earth properly then aspire to fly high. I have set this as my destiny. There was a time when I felt lost and defeated. But today there are many people who actually supports me and they think that I am a good writer.
I had always cursed my fate for anything bad that often happens in my life. The negative person inside me has started ruling over me. The more I try the more I am becoming negative. So that’s the reason I am pouring out my heart so that I am able to put that negative person inside me aside and resume my work with a positive frame of mind.

Right now I am pursuing engineering and I am in 2nd year. Two years from now on and I will be one among those who aspire to be someone else but they end up chasing their needs from morning till late night every day, breaking their head on everything and anything, and in the end of every month they keep telling themselves that this is what they always wanted to be when they get their paycheck. I have never imagined my life to be like this in my wildest of dreams and in deepest of my slumbers. I want to be independent. I have been a maverick and independent kid since my childhood. I never asked anyone to take decisions for me. I have made my own choices, took my decision, followed my own principle, and implemented my own rules.

Right now I am no-one. I am Mr. Nobody. I write blogs and most of them are about love even though they are own life experiences nobody gives a fuck about it. Whenever I update it, they read it, imagine their life to be like that, shower their compliments upon me and then they wait for the new one to come. And when I try to write something which I think is politically correct then they say that I am made for writing love stories and I should restrict myself to it.

Why should I write what people asks me to write????

I want them to read what I have to share. But not, what they want to read. If you agree with me then continue reading or else close the window of my blog I wouldn’t mind. Because I write for you and if you love what I am writing it gives me immense confidence to write more and live up to your expectations. I don’t know what I am writing about I am still clueless about it. I am just writing whatever is coming into my mind.

My girlfriend says, “You have to complete your book before we reach our marriageable age so that her parents don’t have any objection regarding my job profile.”
She’s right. She loves me like mad and so do I and all she wants is to marry me happily. I don’t tell her about the complications that I am facing while chasing my dream. The reason why I don’t tell her regarding the challenges that I am facing is just because she’s my sweetheart and I always want to see her smiling doesn’t matter what price I have to pay for it. She’s someone who has made me more passionate about my dreams and I want to do it for her if not for me…

Chasing your dreams is never easy. You face innumerous challenges. When I first wrote my first draft, I was not sure whether I want to continue it or not. Life has been always unpredictable and so my first novel that I wrote turned out to be so unpredictable that even though after my five attempts today I am still there from where I started.
First time when I wrote I completed six chapters happily but then my PC got infected with hell lot of viruses and whole thing got crashed. I failed!!!
Second time when I started I was on the verge of completing ninth chapter. But this time my brother deleted that folder which had all those nine chapters unknowingly. He pressed “shift + del” or else I would have restored it from recycle bin. My second attempt also failed!!!

Third time when I wrote, this time I completed twelve chapters and saved it in my pen drive so that it doesn’t get affected even if the PC gets crashed and nobody can even delete it from my pen drive. But there was something else written in my fate. I lost that pen drive. I failed yet again!!!

Fourth time when I started I completed almost 80% of the book and this time somebody stole my laptop. My fourth attempt also failed!!!

I was too frustrated after this incident and I stopped thinking about my novel at all. I didn’t write anything for next two months. I went to my home town in my semester break and I framed a whole new story. I framed the plot, did my part of research, and started writing it yet again. This time I decided that if I save it in my e-mail then it would be safe. But who thought that after ten days I would forget my own password???
My fifth attempt also failed!!!

At this point I remember something that Sir Paulo Coelho had mentioned in his debut novel “The Alchemist” which is a great novel. It says:

“If you fall seven times then you must have the courage of getting up the eighth time…”
And I follow it from my heart. Doesn’t matter how many times I will fall, I will get up the very next instance.

As being a wandering viewfinder I have set my journey and I am going to chase my dreams and live them the way so that this nobody could be somebody someday…

Thank You Folks…

See You Soon!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things that remained unanswered

Dear Marc,
It has been surely magical days for me from the day we met. I can’t express my feelings in words here. Whatever little time we had spend together those were the best moments of my life and i really mean it. But as time passes our situation also changes and so that's the case with me. When you will get this letter i would have gone very far away from your life so please don't try to find me out and waste your time.
I don't know whether you believe in destiny or not (i know you don't) but i do believe in destiny or in your words fate whatever names doesn’t matter at all. So if it’s in our destiny to meet then one day we will meet. You know what Marc, you were not like any other guy you were entirely different and that's why i started spending most of my time with you. So please don't change this attitude over life. I know right now i am sounding like your grandma but for some time please bear with me. You have got everything you are passionate, you are dedicated, determined you just need to carry this on for the next two years and i am sure you would achieve all those things for the purpose you are here. I know you really like me and so do i, i don't know anything about your feelings yet but still i think you like me not only as a good friend but somewhat more than that. As a matter of fact i am leaving tonight for Paris and i don't know whether i would be able to come back or not. So don't waste your time waiting for me instead i am sure you will find someone worthy and better than me. I simply can’t forget you and the moments we had spend together, all those beautiful memories i am taking away with me treasured in my heart. My sister told me that she thinks you are in love with me and that's why i wanted to meet you that day but since you had some other work as you were leaving that night for your sister’s marriage you couldn’t come. I got your voice-mail later that night, i am really sorry but i didn’t switched off my cell it was because of low battery and as i was out i couldn’t help much. I am not at all angry with you honey, i just want to tell you that I LOVE YOU alot and will do till my last breathe. Doesn’t matter if we are in contact or not. And if it’s written in our destiny to become one then i will wait for that day. But for now i had to leave and please don't ask me the reason for Jesus sake. I don't know whether i would come back to India or not probably not but you are always there in my heart.
I am really sorry that i am leaving you like this but i can’t help it. And you use to say na “sometimes we are in such a situation where we don't have any other choice rather than accepting the things in the way they are.” So i hope you would accept the truth and move on in your life. If ever god would ask me to wish something i would wish to spend my last days with you. I know you would hate me after reading this letter but honey it’s for your good will only. It’s better if you accept the truth as soon as it is possible.
Finally i just want to wish you good luck and i am gonna miss you alot. I Love you and will Love you always the way i do.
With lots of hugs and kisses,
Your’s Jennifer

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A walk to remember........

22nd April, the day that changed my life or i should say changed me indeed. Each event, each moment is vivid and fresh in my mind as if it has happened yesterday. It’s almost been a week in Hyderabad and i haven’t even walked out of my house yet. I woke up early and decided to go out for a walk; i walked for some twenty minutes down the street where i found a park.
I looked around and found that the park was really big. I was just strolling in the park when all of a sudden my heart took a halt and my eyes got stucked somewhere. I would love to say i saw stars and heard sweet music but the dominating sounds were: gossip of fat aunties; sounds of vehicles; scream of children. I checked her carefully she wore a pink top over her gray colour shorts. I wondered girls look so amazing when they wear something like pink. Her waist length hair has a life of its own, it played with the dust everytime she moved. There was something in her, some kind of magical attraction that was attracting me towards her. I couldn’t help but move my gaze away from her when i noticed she was also looking at me. She was at some 10-15 foot distance away from me. Apart from her height everything about her was simply perfect. She was only five feet and two inches i guess................................................................................................................ 

The ultimate aim of Life's Unpredictable is to make you believe in yourselves more than anything else.  

A freak who calls himself a weirdo; a passionate lover who is waiting for his lady love; a football freak who is actually a playboy and the bold and beautiful Shivani. These are the characters around Marc Rhinhart.

What happens when they meet each other, become best buddies, had fights, experiences the magic of love, suffers the pain of heartbreaks, realizes the need of dreaming big and when they thought everything was going smoothly then the world comes crashing down to them............
Find out what happens in their life's which they never expected and thats what made their Life's Unpredictable....!!

coming soon........!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Life is so incomplete without friendship, love and dream. We need friends to experience the magic of love and with love comes the need to dream big. For me true love is loving a person from your heart, from your soul doesn't matter if she is with you or not you just love them from your heart. That Love can be for anything. Love for your dream girl. Love for your friends, love for your dream. All of them are inter-connected with each other. These are things of those important things without them our life is so incomplete.

Life's Unpredictable is a story about those students who have just come out of their comfort zone and who are aspiring to become IIT-ian, something that they know isn’t likely to happen. As IIT aspirants they are expected to conquer the world but in this meanwhile what they discover among themselves is the meaning of friendship, felt the magic of love and realised the need to dream big. In the search of their destiny they land themselves into trouble and from there the fight starts. The fight against time; against their family; against the system; against someone they love alot and sometimes even against themselves. Are you ready to experience it? From success to failure; happiness to heartbreaks and from true friendship that suddenly turned into a life-long rivalry, here’s a story of those stories which are very common in this uncommon world.